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Dog walking for Thirsk and surrounding areas.
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Effective from 1st January 2016

My aim is to ensure your dog has the most stress free, enjoyable time they can have whilst in my care so all dogs are subject to an initial assessment prior to accepting the booking.  This will then help me understand your dog’s needs and tailor a service to suit them.

If there are any changes in your dog’s health or behaviour I will need to know as soon as possible to ensure they receive the correct level of care.

Dogs will be supervised at all times however please be aware that dogs may sustain slight injuries such as cuts and scrapes or pulled muscles during the course of normal play.

I will only allow dogs off lead once an off lead consent form has been signed by you, the owner and I am confident that the dog will return when called.

I will only walk dogs together in small groups if they are comfortable in each other’s company and show no signs of aggression or fear. Groups will never exceed  6 dogs.

Please try not to feed your dog 1hour prior to collection / exercise as this could lead to travel sickness or other medical complications.

Please make sure I have access to your property at the assigned time, I am more than happy to keep a spare key which will not have anything connecting it to your written address alternatively I am happy to collect a key from a neighbour.

I do not believe in harsh treatment and will not to walk any dog on any equipment that causes them pain, fear or discomfort; this includes the use of choke chains and electric shock collars.

As it is now a legal requirement I do ask that all dogs in my care wear an ID tag and are microchipped. 

Please ensure that your vets details are supplied at the initial visit. In an emergency I will make every effort to contact you and use your vet but I do reserve the right to make decisions without your verbal consent if it ensures the immediate welfare of your dog. If necessary I will take your dog to the nearest vet practice which may not necessarily be your own. The owner is responsible for any veterinary bills incurred and payment of any fees.

Out and About Dog Services has public liability insurance with Cliverton Insurance which covers dogs whilst in my care however it is strongly recommended that owners have their own adequate insurance policy as I cannot be held liable for any loss, injury, illness or death of your dog.